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Online Safety
Staying safe while online is very important. Here are some tips to staying safe from the trusted website Common Sense Media:

  • Never share names, schools, ages, phone numbers or addresses.
  • Never open an email from a stranger - it may contain viruses that can harm the computer.
  • Never send picture to strangers or view pictures that strangers send to you.
  • Keep passwords private (except to parents or guardians).
  • Tell a trusted adult if something mean or creepy happens on the Internet.

For more tips from Common Sense Media, visit their website by clicking here.

YouTube has created a Safety Center as a destination for resources, tools and tips on many topics. There are tips for students, teachers and parents to help keep everyone safe while using this tool. Visit YouTube's Safety Center.

Netsmartz is another resource for information on Internet safety for parents, students and staff.
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